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Socket Weld Union

How can buyers minimize the costs of the socket weld union without compromising on quality?

Buyers can minimize the costs of the unions without compromising quality through a few strategies:

  • Compare prices from different suppliers and find the most competitive offers.
  • When you buy in larger quantities, socket weld union supplier in UAE will offer you good deals and discounts.
  • You can also consider alternative materials compatible with your application for cost-effectiveness.

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How is the packaging of threaded union done by manufacturers?

Manufacturers consider the in-transit safety and protection of the threaded unions while packaging them. It involves individually wrapping each union to prevent damage or scratching. The threaded pipe unions are bundled together and secured using straps. Manufacturers may also use cardboard boxes, wooden crates or pallets for further protection during shipping & handling.

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What is the difference between BSPT union and BSPP union?

BSPT female union has tapered threads sealing through thread interference and are best suited for low pressure applications. BSPP natural gas unions fittings have parallel threads that rely on a sealing washer or O-ring for proper sealing. Therefore, BSPP unions are suitable for both low and high pressure applications.

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Socket Weld Union

ASME B16.11 SW Union are designated as Class 3000/ 6000 and 9000 for socket-weld end fittings.


1/8″ Inches TO 4″ Inches


2000 to 9000


A182, A105, A350


Socket Weld Pipe Union

Forged Steel Union Specifications

Specifications Socket Weld Union
Brand Name Schulzmann
Method Threaded (NPT)
Socket Weld
Manufacturer Size Socket Weld = ½” Inch To 8” Inch
Threaded = ½” Inch To 8” Inch
Certificate ISO
Use In Marine & dredging
Process Instrumentation
Oil and Gas
Petrochemical/ Refinery/Chemical
Power etc.
Manufacturing Productivity 600 ton per month
Transportation In Air & Ocean and Land
Supply Ability 450 Ton Per Month
Pressure Class Socket Weld = Class 3000 To Class 9000
Threaded = Class 2000 To Class 6000
Payment Type L/C,T/T,D/P,Paypal
Available Packing Packing In Plywood Box And Plywood Pallet
Manufacturer Types Male Union and Female Union

ASME B16.11 Union Price List

Description Price In US ($)
1" UNIONS, SW CL3000, ASTM A105, ASME B16.11. US $991.80 Per KG
1.1/2" UNIONS, Class 3000, A182 GR F316L, Socket Weld US $501.47 Per KG
1", UNIONS, 3000#, A182 GR. F316L, SW, ASME B16.11. US $246.25 Per KG
Class 9000, 1.1/2" UNIONS, SW, ASTM A105 US $136.66 Per KG
1.1/2" UNIONS, SW, CL3000, ASTM A105 US $121.91 Per KG
3/4" UNIONS, 9000#, SW, ASTM A105 US $148.78 Per KG
1/2" UNIONS, SW, CL3000, Carbon Steel, ASME B16.11. US $33.81 Per KG
3/4" UNIONS, SW CL3000, CS, ASME B16.11. US $107.68 Per KG
3/4" UNIONS THD ASME B1.20.1 (NPT). CL3000 CS ASTM A105 US $67.22 Per KG
1" UNIONS, SW, CL3000, ASTM A105, ASME B16.11 US $82.92 Per KG
3/4" UNIONS, SW, Class 3000, ASTM A105 US $68.47 Per KG

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Types Of ANSI B16.11 Forged Union

ASME B1611 Socket Weld Union

ASME B1611 Socket Weld Unions

Stainless Steel Socket Weld Union

Stainless Steel Socket Weld Unions

Forged Steel Socket Weld Union

Forged Steel Socket Weld Unions

 Carbon Steel Socket Weld Union

Carbon Steel Socket Weld Unions

2 Inch Socket Weld Union

2 Inch Socket Weld Unions

Male Threaded Union

Male Threaded Unions

Stainless Steel Threaded Union

Stainless Steel Threaded Unions

Carbon Steel Threaded Union

Carbon Steel Threaded Unions

3/4 Ss Threaded Union

3/4 Ss Threaded Unions

Stainless Threaded Pipe Union

Stainless Threaded Pipe Unions

Galvanized Union Fitting

Galvanized Unions Fitting

Natural Gas Union Fitting

Natural Gas Unions Fitting

Black Pipe Union Fitting

Black Pipe Unions Fitting

MSS SP-83 Union

MSS SP-83 Unions

Male Female Union

Male Female Unions

Check MSS-SP-83 union dimensions, and ASME B16.11 union weight chart according to Class 2000 to 6000

Socket Weld Union Dimensions

3000LB Union with SW Ends

Socket Weld Union Dimensions

Threaded Union Dimensions

Threaded Union Dimensions

Stainless Steel Threaded Union Weight

DN Normal Pipe Size Class 3000
6 1/8 0.06
8 1/4 0.06
10 3/8 0.08
15 1/2 0.14
20 3/4 0.2
25 1 0.28
32 1 1/4 0.48
40 1 1/2 0.52
50 2 1
65 2 1/2 1.6
80 3 1.8

Galvanized Pipe Union Standards

EN: EN10253-1 and EN10253-2
ASME: ASME 16.11, MSS SP-95, MSS SP 83, MSS SP-79, MSS SP 95, BS 3799
DIN: DIN 2605, DIN 2617, DIN 28011, DIN 2615, DIN 2616

Stainless Steel Union Hs Code

Item HS Code
ASME B16.11 Union 7307

MSS-SP-83 Union Dimensions

MSS-SP-83 Union Dimensions

How do you find the weight and sizes of a stainless steel threaded union?

To find the weight and sizes of a stainless steel threaded union, you can refer to manufacturer catalogs or product specifications. They can provide detailed information on the available sizes, dimensions and weight of the threaded stainless steel unions. You may also consult your suppliers to obtain accurate and specific information based on your requirements.

What are the certifications required for carbon steel union?

The certifications required for carbon steel unions will depend on industry standards and project specifications. Material certifications that validate the compliance of the CS material with specified standards are mostly requested. Other certifications might be needed by the client, depending on their projects.

How do you prevent corrosion and other forms of damage to a ASME B16.11 union over its lifespan?

The following measures can be taken to prevent corrosion and other forms of damage to an ASME B16.11 union over its lifespan:

  • Choose appropriate material for the galvanized pipe union based on the corrosive environment
  • Proper installation techniques must be used
  • MSS-SP-83 union should be applied with protective coatings
  • They must be regularly inspected for signs of corrosion or damage
  • Any maintenance or repairs should be done on the black iron union promptly to maintain the integrity and longevity