Schulzmann offers Non Destructive Testing
ensure leak free connection
Schulzmann offers Non Destructive Testing to ensure leak free connection

Pipe fittings supplier in UAE

What are fittings and flanges?
Modern piping systems have to be twisted and swirled in different directions so they can deliver fluids and gases. Fittings are devices that play a critical role in characterizing the flow of media in the system. These fittings are flexible and strong, allowing them to transport high pressure media and volatile or toxic material efficiently. A flange is one of the most common types of pipe fittings. Flanges can be defined as a rim or protruded hub that allow for easy attachment with a fixture. These flanges provide support and stability as they connect different piping applications. They have good resistance to corrosive affluents and can handle a range of pressures and temperatures.

supply with Final visual inspection, dimensional, thickness control

Saudi Aramco approved flanges manufacturer in Dubai

Why are flange and pipe fittings used in piping connection?
A flange and pipe fittings help in efficiently connecting pipes, tubes, valves, and other piping equipment. The flanges are usually screwed, allowing room for inspection and repair. The fittings help influence the flow and create a leakproof seal between the equipment.

What is a buttweld pipe fitting?
A buttweld pipe fittings is a weldable fitting that allows it to change the direction of flow or branch off equipment. The fitting also facilitates in reducing the pipe size or attaching auxiliary material. These fitting have superior strength and work well in different conditions. They are available in the form of elbows, tees, caps, reducer outlets, etc. The most common fittings can be availed in different sizes and schedules from SCH 10 to 160.
supply with Final visual inspection

knpc certification

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Schulzmann have facility to produce advance work various industrial applications based on specially developed technology

Difference between Plate, Forged and Cast Flange
A plate flange is a flat circular disk that is welded onto s piping equipment, allowing it to be efficiently bolted. A cast steel flange is produced as the metal is heated until it is molten and poured into a mold to shape it. A forged flange is produced as steel billets are passed through the material to change its shape and form a solid form. A forged steel flange is stronger and more reliable than other flange types.
Are butt weld fittings seamless or welded?
A butt weld fittings is available either in the seamless or welded specification. The seamless butt weld fittings are designed with a seamless pipe that is restricted to certain sizes. The Weld fittings are produced utilizing ERW welded pipes and are available in varying sizes. They are cheaper than seamless grades, however, the latter has superior strength and performance.

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Large Diameter
Steel Elbow
Types Of Flanges And Fittings
Schulzmann can produce Steel Forging material manufacturer as per customer's choice and drawing


ANSI Forged Steel Flanges available in various face such as
Raised, RTJ, Flat, Tongue and Groove according to EN 1092-1

Choose the right flange material & steel forging for
petrochemical, oil & gas industries in Middle East


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PED/ ISO Certified Forging Flanges manufacturer in Dubai, UAE

Manufacturing Standards

Manufacturing Standards

JIS 16K Flange

Japanese Standard (JIS) B2220 Covers SORF, Plate, BLRF, And Welding Neck Flanges With Diameter Ranging From DN10 To DN250 With Rating Class Of 2k/ 10k/ 15k/ 6k/ 30k/ 20k/ 40k.

AWWA C207 Class D Flange

American Water Works (AWWA) C207 covers Class B, Class D, Class E, and Class F Ring Flanges with Sizes 4″ through 144″ (100 mm To 3600 mm) and ranging from 150 psi / 1034 KPa.

DIN 28011 Torispherical Heads

DIN 28011 covers Torispherical Heads, Vessel heads, Dished bottom for tank, Dished Plates, Dish End with 1/2"-60" DN15-DN1500 : Out diameter and 200mm : Maximum wall thickness

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various types of buttweld fittings as per ASTM standards
In-house testing facilities for quality assurance at Schulzmann
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  • Chemical test
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  • Heat Treatment
  • Thickness Testing
Chemical test
Mechanical test
Hydrostatic test
Heat Treatment
Thickness Testing
particle inspection
daimeter test

Buy all DIN, API, JIS and
industrial steel flanges in class 150 to 2500 pressure temperature rating,
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Flange Price In UAE
  • SORF 1/2" To 30 Inch (150, FF)
  • BLRF 1" To 40 Inch (150, RF)
  • WNRF 2" To 36 Inch (300, RTJ)
  • SWRF 1/4" To 24 Inch (150, RF)
  • DIN 2635/ JIS 16K/ BS 10 Table D
  • SCH 10S to 180, B16.5/ B16.47
$1.80 To 168/Per Pcs

Fittings Price List In UAE
  • Elbow 1/2" To 40 Inch (Buttweld)
  • Tee 3/4" To 26 Inch (Seamless)
  • Reducer DN 50 X 350-DN 250 X 800
  • End Cap 2" To 48 Inch (Welded)
  • Stub End 1" To 14 Inch (MSS SP)
  • SCH 20S-180, ASME B16.9/ B16.11
$125 To 678/Per KG
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ISO Certified

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