Schulzmann offers Non Destructive Testing
ensure leak free connection
Schulzmann offers Non Destructive Testing to ensure leak free connection

Pipe fittings supplier in UAE

What is the difference between pipe joint and pipe fitting?
Pipe joints and fittings are two different types of components used in plumbing systems. A pipe joint creates a connection between two or more pipes, enabling them to be joined together. It is mostly a permanent connection, achieved through various methods like soldering, welding or threading.
Pipe fittings supplier in UAE create the fittings to allow changes in direction, flow or size within a piping system. Fittings are used to connect pipes, valves and other components. The flanges and fittings come in various shapes like elbows, tees, couplings & reducers, and are often removable for maintenance/ modifications.

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Why are buttweld pipe fittings important? What is the manufacturing standard of BW fittings?
Butt weld pipe fittings play a crucial role in piping systems due to their exceptional strength, durability & leak-proof connection. They provide a smooth & uninterrupted flow within the pipes, minimizing pressure drop & turbulence.
The fittings are welded to the pipes, creating a strong joint that can withstand high pressures & temperatures. The butt-welded fittings stockist in Dubai recommends them for various industries like oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation and water treatment.
The manufacturing of butt weld flange follows specific standards like ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). The standards ensure the quality, dimensions & materials used in the manufacturing process meet the required specifications & industry standards.

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Schulzmann have facility to produce advance work various industrial applications based on specially developed technology

Difference between seamless, welded and non-welded fittings?
Seamless pipe fittings are produced from a single piece of material without any welding or joining. A seamless elbow has a smooth interior surface, making them ideal for high pressure applications & environments where fluid flow is critical.
Weld fittings are created by joining separate material pieces through welding. The method allows for customization and the ability to create complex shapes. Welded pipe fittings are commonly used in industries requiring flexibility & adaptability in their piping systems.
Non-weldable pipe fittings do not require welding or special tools for installation. Instead, they use mechanical mechanisms like compression or push-fit connections to securely join pipes. The flange suppliers in Dubai offer these fittings for quick and easy installation in residential & commercial plumbing systems.
What are the advantages of buttweld fittings?
  • BW fittings provide a strong and durable connection between pipes. They ensure a leak-proof joint that can withstand high pressures & temperatures. This is why, the fittings are suitable for various industries like oil & gas, petrochemicals and power generation.
  • Butt weld elbow offers a smooth and uninterrupted flow path, minimizing pressure drop & turbulence. They have excellent structural integrity and can handle dynamic loads & vibrations.
  • These fittings allow easy modification & maintenance, as they can be removed and replaced without damaging the surrounding pipes. They are known for reliability, longevity and efficiency in piping systems.
What is the difference between plain end and beveled end pipe fittings?
  • Plain end industrial metal flanges have a smooth, flat surface at the end, without any bevel/ angle. They are used in low-pressure applications or situations where the pipes will be joined through methods like welding or mechanical connections.
  • Beveled end industrial pipe fittings have a sloping/ angled surface at the end called a bevel. The bevel allows for easier alignment & welding of the pipes. Beveled end pipe flange is used in high-pressure & critical applications where a strong, secure & leak-resistant joint is required.

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Steel Elbow
Types Of Flanges And Fittings
Schulzmann can produce Steel Forging material manufacturer as per customer's choice and drawing


ANSI Forged Steel Flanges available in various face such as
Raised, RTJ, Flat, Tongue and Groove according to EN 1092-1

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petrochemical, oil & gas industries in Middle East


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Manufacturing Standards

Manufacturing Standards

What are the common defects in flanges and fittings? How to detect them?

Common defects in full face flange include cracks, corrosion, misalignment, warping, & improper sealing surfaces. These defects can compromise the integrity & performance of the components. To detect such issues, various inspection methods can be used:

  • Visual inspection- it can identify visible cracks, corrosion or misalignment.
  • Dye penetrant testing- it can reveal surface cracks or discontinuities.
  • Radiographic testing- this can detect internal defects like cracks or voids.
  • Ultrasonic testing- it can detect internal & external defects by analyzing sound waves.
  • Magnetic particle inspection- it can identify surface cracks using magnetic fields and iron particles.
  • Pressure testing- it can help verify sealing integrity.
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In-house testing facilities for quality assurance at Schulzmann
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Chemical test
Mechanical test
Hydrostatic test
Heat Treatment
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Flange Price In UAE
  • SORF 1/2" To 30 Inch (150, FF)
  • BLRF 1" To 40 Inch (150, RF)
  • WNRF 2" To 36 Inch (300, RTJ)
  • SWRF 1/4" To 24 Inch (150, RF)
  • DIN 2635/ JIS 16K/ BS 10 Table D
  • SCH 10S to 180, B16.5/ B16.47
$1.80 To 168/Per Pcs

Fittings Price List In UAE
  • Elbow 1/2" To 40 Inch (Buttweld)
  • Tee 3/4" To 26 Inch (Seamless)
  • Reducer DN 50 X 350-DN 250 X 800
  • End Cap 2" To 48 Inch (Welded)
  • Stub End 1" To 14 Inch (MSS SP)
  • SCH 20S-180, ASME B16.9/ B16.11
$125 To 678/Per KG
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